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Yequana Resources

Various names used to refer to the Yequana:

Yekuana, Ye'kuana, Yekwana, Dekuana, De'kuana, Dekwana, Maiong Kong, Maiongong, Mayongong, Majongong, Maquiritare, Maquiritai, Makiritare, Ihurnana, Ihuruana, Cunuana, Kunuana, Guayancomo, Kununuyangumu, Yayongomo, Pawana, Pabanoton, Soto


Buy Dreamtales: Watunna/Starlore at

This animated video explores Watunna, the creation myth, of the Yekuana, as well as sky myths from five Native American groups.


Art in Small Scale Societies: Contemporary Readings
by Richard L. Anderson and Karen L. Field
ISBN: 0130477621, Published by Prentice Hall College Division, 288 pages.

This book contains a collection of articles examining the function and practice of art in native cultures. An article by David M. Guss about Yekuana mythology is included.

Buy The Continuum Concept at
The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost
by Jean Liedloff
ISBN: 0201050714, Published by Perseus Publishing, 172 pages.

The Myth of the Makiritare Indian
by Eduardo Galeano.

Buy To Weave and Sing at
To Weave and Sing: Art, Symbol and Narrative in the South American Rain Forest
by David M. Guss
ISBN: 0520071859, University of California Press

Buy Watunna at
Watunna: An Orinoco Creation Cycle
by Marc De Civrieux, trans. by David Guss.
ISBN: 0292715897, Univ of Texas Press, 235 pages.

Web Sites

Yekuana Basketry: Symbol and Social Maintenance

"This research examines a correlation between the physiological experiences of Yekuana hallucinogenic imagery and the neurological reaction caused by the symbolic patterns in waja basketry. I propose that memories of mythic stories which originated from shamanic psychtropic visions are stored in the brain and coded along the same neural path ways which are stimulated when viewing waja basketry patterns."

Yekuana Universe

Some limited information about the Yequana.

Maquiritare Language Sample

A sample of the New Testament translated into Maquiritare.

Native American Indian Cultures: The Yekuana Indians
Photographs of Yequana art - bowls, baskets, weapons, sculptures.

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